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Società in liquidazione

Phone contacts

(+39) 335.474599 - (+39) 349.4365998

(+39) 0322.844744

Services & Tours

wine-cheese-tour-2Discover the flavors of the land of wine and cheese. Gilardetti will guide you discoverong  the Gattinara's vwine alley  and wineries where you can taste the best wines made with art and traditions. You'll also discover the flavors of...
specialisti-in-golf-clubs-2Golf enthusiasts? Gilardetti specializes in golf clubs and will allow you to enjoy nature and quiet with excellent service and punctual, making you achieve the best golf in comfort and relaxation. You just have to concentrate on the game and nothing...
ports-and-airports-transferAre you planning to sail or fly away? Gilardetti satisfies all your transfer needs for ports and airports all over norther italy even for small groups Highly skilled personnel and confortable cars and buses will make you just close you luggage and...


Claudio Gilardetti è delegato di zona ANITraV


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