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Novara hills


There are magical places where every town is identified with an excellent product of the territory the case Novara Hills, a magnificent environment of ancient terraces that thin out in the flood plain of the Sesia , and guard a treasure in terms of wine . And ' here, in fact , born of the gems of viticulture as Sizzano Novara , the Fara , Boca , and , last but not least , Ghemme .

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The wine and food tours

The Lower Piedmont, which extends east of the Alps, for example, is a land of paddy fields, with the two "capitals" of Novara and Vercelli, where he focuses the bulk of rice production at national and European.

It is the rice to write an important chapter of Piedmontese cuisine, declinandosi in soups and risotto paired with different products: with asparagus, mushrooms, sausage, Barolo, or the frogs, which once abounded in paddy fields and constitute another important resource in the popular gastronomy of the area, proposed in broth, stewed or fried with egg.

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Borgomanero is located in the northern province of Novara, near the border with Lombardy.Its territory lies between the valley of the Sesia and the Ticino.

The city is situated on the banks of the river Agogna; nell'XII century took its name from Borgomanero mayor James Mainerio.

The village belonged for a long time the Milanese Visconti possessions: a nucleus always very alive to the rich agricultural production.  In sixteenth century was a fief of Este. Today Borgomanero is a live commercial and industrial center of Eastern Piedmont.

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